Mortgage Protection

Why do I need Mortgage Protection?

  • If you become Seriously Ill or Die Prematurely, with Mortgage Protection (Life Insurance Policy) your Mortgage can be cleared.
  • You secure ownership of your Home for your loved ones
  • Reduces monthly cost of living
  • Mortgage Protection (Life Insurance) is a simply cost effective guaranteed protection plan designed to pay off your Mortgage in the event of Death or Serious Illness.

For many people the largest financial arrangement they will ever enter into is the mortgage they raise to buy their home. Arranging the mortgage itself is only one step in the process of buying a house. Protecting the mortgage is another step, as you will want to insure that if anything happens to you or your partner there are funds made available to pay off the balance of the mortgage and most importantly keep the family home within the family.

For most mortgages taken out in Ireland the lender will require a Mortgage Protection Policy. The purpose of a Mortgage Protection Policy is to provide life insurance to repay the outstanding balance in the event of death or serious illness. In most cases the Mortgage Protection Policy will be assigned to your finance company as security against this loan.

Mortgage Protection Policies offer you a broad range of benefits including the option to take out serious illness cover as part of your policy.

At Deasy Financial, we will research the market place to offer the most competitively priced policy. As we hold agencies with all of the major life offices, we are in a position to offer this service. We will then advise you on the most suitable policy that suits you and your budget.

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