Income Protection

Your income is probably your most important asset.

  • It funds your standard of living
  • Protects your loved ones

 Who protects your income?


  • How long would your employer pay you if you were on prolonged sick leave?
  • Would you cope financially?
  • Do you know that the Self Employed are not entitled to State Illness Benefit?
  • We can’t predict the future but we can plan for it.

Life is unpredictable; we never know what is around the corner. That is why protecting your income if something happens to you is so important. In these challenging times, it is even more important because without a regular salary coming into the household you could really struggle to cope financially.

Income Protection provides you with a monthly income if you are unable to work due to accident or illness. This gives you financial support for as long as it takes to get back on your feet.

This product is extremely suitable to self-employed people, company directors.

Self Employed and Company Directors paying Class S – P.R.S.I Contributions are not entitled to:

  • Job Seeker Benefit
  • Illness Benefit
  • Invalidity Pension
  • Transition State Pension

Your Income Protection Plan is a tax efficient way of protecting your income as the premiums qualify for full tax relief.

Protection is all about peace of mind. By taking the time now to research the options available to you, you can protect your family’s future for years to come.

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